Serving The Houston, Texas Metro Area since 2000 and now we are glad to announce that we have expanded into Austin, Texas.
For years, FITS International has been releasing companies from the potential liability of disposing of the hazardous materials housed in unused computer equipment.

It’s very likely that all of your computers were the latest, fastest and best performing models for your needs when acquired. With the development of new, faster programs and the expansion of e-commerce, computers are estimated to lose approximately ten percent of their value every sixty days. With your organization’s ever-changing needs, the question arises. “What should you do with your outdated, unused computer equipment. Just how do you dispose of it?”

Let FITS take care of that for you. After we remove your unwanted equipment, it is transferred to our secured facilities where we reverse engineer, reuse and recycle all of the materials from your computers, printers, servers, fax’s, phones, etc…

We protect your company from any potential liabilities that come from illegal dumping of hazardous materials commonly found in computer equipment by providing you with all the necessary paperwork showing transfer of responsibility. Why risk your company’s good reputation in the community being tainted by a lack of accountability to our environment. Let FITS
safely handle the recycling of your old outdated computer equipment.